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We began our journey of Perfecting Clean™ nearly 20 years ago when we recognized that modern technology, paired with superior chemicals that were safer for the environment, utilized by highly-trained car wash technicians could truly achieve our customers’ desire for perfectly clean cars and trucks.


From our special car preparation techniques that include a gentle pre-scrub and application of bug spray (designed to loosen those dried-up critters that you picked up along the way) at the entrance to our car washes, to the “eruption” of our signature thick and rich Mr. Foamy’s Lava Foam as your vehicle enters the tunnel, to the soft-scrubbing brushes that go straight to work on your car, to our powerful Mr. Foamy’s Hurricane rinse, to our specialized wheel and tire brushes, to our spot-free rinse and wax applications, right through to our wind-tunnel air blasters, all presented with an exciting light show, we’ve designed our modern washes with your complete satisfaction in mind.

No other car wash offers so much value, delivers cleaner cars, or has more satisfied customers than Mr. Foamy’s.  Come see what Perfecting Clean™ means today!

Satisfied Clients

When they say express they mean it! I was in and out ... it's still the best place to go in town, definitely will come back.

Google Review

I have been coming to this car wash forever. I think they hold their own employees to a high standard.

Google Review

This is a full service car wash, they did a great job!  Not a spot on the paint.  The carpets, dash, and windows looked great!  My 8 yo was so impressed he gave a very excited "Wow, you guys did a really good job!" LOL.

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