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Summer is Finally Here!

This year Southern California endured what felt like a delayed summer. Some citizens loved this, as June Gloom allowed people to dress warmer, be comfortable, and not have to stress about sunscreen application. Then there are other people, like myself, who desperately wanted the sun and its heat waves to appear. Despite which person you were, we all have one thing in common: we all have a higher need for car washes now. There is officially no more rain to give us an excuse to not wash our car.

Not only is this peak car wash season but it is now the best time to sign up for a Mister Foamy's Full-Service Car Wash membership. Starting now until July 30th all Full-Service Car Wash memberships are only $4 dollars to start.

Picture this: no more working in the hot sun to clean the inside and outside of your car. No more extra sweat to drip and ruin your clothes. Working in the heat is now halted because you have us. So now you wait in a beautiful air-conditioned waiting room and have access to order from Lourdes Mexican restaurant while being in an air-conditioned store just right next door!

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