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Mister Foamy' s Rolls Out a New Fleet Wash Program

Mister Foamy's has created, refined, and perfected a new Fleet Wash program, that is designed to maintain your fleet's cleanliness at a cost that saves you money.

Here is How it Works

Our Marketing and Design team here at Mister Foamy's created a page where any owner of a fleet can browse, and fill out our contact form. Once an owner of a fleet fills out this contact form, our marketing team will share this information with our management, and contact will be made within two business days. When contacted, our management team will go over your fleet washing needs and your discounted pricing for those needs. After we will set up an easy billing process using either our monthly or bi-weekly billing option. Finally, you will then receive instructions along with our Fleet stickers, allowing your fleet to officially have a home to wash and clean away the dirt.

What this Means for Mister Foamy's Fleet Wash Customers

For Fleet owners, this entails they are now saving money on washing their fleet, by choosing to partner with our fleet wash program. In addition, to money, they gain more time, as the payment process is deducted from the wash process. In addition, using Mister Foamy's car washes where we have express washes and Full-service always allows for time for washes to be cut in half. As well as saving time and money having a fleet Wash Program open to our customers allows owners of a fleet to maintain a consistent clean fleet. This means your company image is always on the road looking sharp and clean.

A Big Thank You!

Although we are thrilled about our progress here at Mister Foamy's, we are more grateful than anything. What are we grateful for? We are grateful for our loyal customers, who allow us to operate on an elite car wash level. We cultivate new programs that will benefit our customers because our customers trust, love, and are loyal to Mister Foamy's. For this reason, our customers are always our first priority when doing anything. It wouldn't be possible without you, so thank you!

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